Chamaele is a family owned business committed to providing the Greater Cincinnati area with nature's best fuel for the body.

Education on preventative healthcare is our mission.

By teaching the residence of our communities about the power we have to prevent illness through our diets, we are empowering all of us to make informed decisions about what we place in our bodies. 


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Our founder, Jayni Walker, aka The Alchemist has been an educator in the Cincinnati area for over 10 years through various schools and organizations

(Santa Maria/Public Allies, Job Corp., Boy and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati, CCPA, etc.). 

Her passion for education (learning and teaching) along with her own journey to a more holistic lifestyle has given her the sight to create the "Best Sellers" available on our site. Every herb and super-food available was researched and handpicked by her, as well.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as she enjoyed creating/providing them for you!