How to make Sea Moss Gel

Hello there Family!

So, you've heard all of these great things about sea moss, bought your first bag of raw moss, and even though you have directions you're still not sure what to do!

Google and YouTube will tell you so many different ways to do it and all of them are great!

There are just as many ways to make the gel as there are to use it but today I'll share the way we make Sea moss gel here at Chamaele!

What you'll need!

  1. Dried raw sea moss. (I suggest 1 oz if this is your first time)

  2. Large bowl

  3. 1 lime and spoon.

  4. Spring water

  5. Blender

  6. Sealable jar

Step 1: Place the dry sea moss in the large bowl, rinse and dump.

Step 2: Fill the bowl until the sea moss is completely submerged. Take 1 lime, cut it in half, use the spoon to gut both halves of the lime into the water. Place the peels into the water as well.

Step 3: Let sea moss sit for 3-4 hours. Repeat the first two steps.

Step 4: Perform a final rinse of the sea moss and discard the lime peel. Place the moss into the blender. Pour in spring water until it has filled the blender to halfway make of the sea moss.

Ex. Seamoss comes to 16oz line, fill with water to 8oz line.

Step 5: Blend sea moss to desired consistency. Add water as needed between 2-3 minute blends.

Step 6: Pour sea moss gel into sealable container. Keep refrigerated up to 3 weeks or until the gel smells sour.

Step 7: Take 1-2 tbsp a day!

Congratulations! You've just made sea moss gel the Chamaele way!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out via Facebook: Chamaele llc or Instagram: @productsbychamaele.

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